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My son got into an at-fault motor vehicle accident and caused injuries to the driver and passengers in the other vehicle. ICBC was considering "breaching" my son on our insurance policy, which means it would first pay out the damages and losses caused by my son, and then it would make my husband who was the registered owner to pay all those money back to ICBC. Fortunately, Mr. Jack Wang was recommended to us to solve the problem, and Mr. Wang persuaded ICBC not to breach my son and helped us to avoid a huge liability. ----- Mrs. Lee, Vancouver

We are new immigrants from China. We almost lost our BC MSP coverage because we are not familiar with the laws in Canada. We retained Mr. Jack Wang to solve this problem for us. Mr. Wang successfully convinced BC MSP to restore our MSP coverage. -----  Miss Tan, Vancouver

When the insurance company denied my claim and refused to pay out, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Jack Wang took my call, gave me excellent advice and explained the legal situation to me in language that I could understand. I really appreciated him being there for me. Jack resolved the issue quickly, at an affordable price and I am very happy with the result. I am so pleased to be able to recommend Jack Wang as a Barrister & Solicitor to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.  ------  Rajesh, Burnaby

My wife and I suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle accident about two years ago. We tried to negotiate a settlement with ICBC, but we were not taken seriously. ICBC was not willing to pay us a fair amount for our injuries. We hired Mr. Jack Wang to represent us for the claims. Mr. Wang successfully negotiated a good settlement payout for us with ICBC. We will continue to retain Mr. Wang to represent us for other legal matters, because we trust his ability to solve legal problems. -----  Ralph and Debbie, Surrey

My teenage son suffered head injuries in a serious motor vehicle accident. Mr. Jack Wang represented my son to strategically negotiate with ICBC and secured a large lump-sum payout from ICBC. We are very thankful for Mr. Wang’s good work. ----- Deborah, Coquitlam

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