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Fiore V. Aitken, 2008 CanLII 1663 (ON SC)

Mr. Wang represented the Defendant, Miss Aitken, in this case. Miss Aitken met the Plaintiff, Mr. Fiore when she was working as an exotic dancer. Mr. Fiore was a regular patron of the strip bar where Miss Aitken worked. Mr. Fiore transferred sums of money to Miss Aitken’s bank account over a prolonged period of time. Miss Aitken stopped working as an exotic dancer and became a business woman. Mr. Fiore sued Miss Aitken to get back the money that he transferred to her account claiming that they were loans to her, and they must be paid back. Mr. Wang successfully defended Miss Aitken against the claim with costs awarded against Mr. Fiore.

R. v. Koper, 2002 SKPC 104 (CanLII)

Mr. Wang represented the Federal Department of Justice prosecuting the accused for possession of marijuana. The accused raised the issue that his rights under sections 8 and 9 of the Canadian Charter of Rights were violated by police and asked the Court to exclude the physical evidence (the drug) against him under section 24 (2) of the Charter. On behalf of the Federal Crown, Mr. Wang successfully argued that the Charter rights of the accused were not violated, citing the "plain view" doctrine and secured a conviction against the accused for the offence.

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