Tax Litigation

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Tax Law: Helping You Face The CRA

Tax law can be complex. It takes a tax lawyer knowledgeable in the field to skillfully negotiate with the Canadian Revenue Agency in a dispute with the CRA or during an audit. At Jack Wang Law Office, we help clients in BC's Port Coquitlam and Tri-Cities areas with their tax disputes. We continually update our knowledge of tax law to ensure that we are best able to protect your interests.

We will negotiate with the CRA's lawyers to procure the best possible dispute settlement for you. We will do our best to reduce the amount of additional tax you owe, or to maximize the value of any refund that the CRA may owe you.

Our Negotiating Methods With The CRA

We will work hard to ensure that the CRA:

  • treats you courteously and professionally
  • protects the confidentiality of your personal and professional information
  • does not charge you any more tax than is legally required

We strive to resolve your tax dispute with the CRA as efficiently and effectively as we can. We will leverage our knowledge of tax law to deal with the CRA to reach the best possible settlement of your dispute. If need be, we will advocate in court on your behalf.

Minimizing Your Costs While Maximizing The Outcome Of Your Tax Dispute

Tax negotiation and litigation can rapidly become very expensive. We will be honest with you about your situation, whether you are:

  • appealing your tax assessment
  • caught up in an tax audit
  • subject to a special investigation, or
  • considering voluntary disclosure to correct a previous tax return or report monies you should have reported to the CRA but didn't

If it appears that the situation is challenging, we will inform you and suggest the best course of action in the circumstances.

Contact us. Don't Deal With The CRA On Your Own

Don't be confused by tax law. As soon as any tax concerns arise, call us at 778-730-0308 or send an email for assistance. We have helped others in tax disputes and can help you too.

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