Estate Litigation

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Guiding You Through The Complexities Of Estate Litigation

After a loved one has passed away, you may find yourself confused by the directions left behind in a will. The distribution of wealth may appear to be uneven, or beneficiaries may be disputing how a will should be interpreted.

At Jack Wang Law Corporation, we understand that dealing with an estate dispute can make a frustrating and emotional period more difficult. Serving BC's Port Coquitlam and Tri-Cities areas, we offer effective support and advice to help you protect your legal rights and entitlements.

Determining Whether A Claim Is Valid

Estate disputes can arise from a number of different situations:

  • Disinheritance: you may have been unfairly left out of a will

  • Invalid will: the will may not be legally valid.

  • Undue influence: The testator may have been influenced by other parties

  • You may have to defend the provisions of a will from other beneficiaries, members of blended families, or second spouses.

  • The testator may have been mentally incapacitated when the will was created

We offer a candid and honest assessment of your situation, and will help you gather the necessary documents and evidence to determine whether a valid claim exists to challenge the will.

Alternatives To Entering A Courtroom

Litigation can put a strain on the close relationships generally involved in estate disputes. We aim to help you resolve your issues outside of a courtroom, but will advocate your position in front of a judge if necessary.

We strive to negotiate fair and reasonable settlements with the opposing party, as well as offer representation in mediation and arbitration. This approach can help you maintain familial relationships during an emotional period, as well as reduce the legal costs of resolving the issue.

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