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Jack Wang Law Office's founder is an experienced litigation lawyer who has practiced across Canada for nearly two decades. For over a decade, he has been providing residents of BC's Port Coquitlam and Tri-Cities areas with strong, skilled representation across a range of litigation matters.

High Quality, Efficient, Cost-Effective Legal Services

Mr. Wang practices law with a focus on maintaining a sincere and straightforward approach. He endeavors to provide quality, cost-effective services that maximize results. By taking a candid, practical approach to providing legal advice, Mr. Wang is able to help clients move towards the best possible legal solutions.

He pursues settlements when possible, rather than pushing for trials, in an effort to protect clients from unnecessary expense and hardship. In instances where litigation is the clear path, he will advocate for his client and will fight vigorously to protect their best interests.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Mr. Wang makes it his goal to advise clients in a way that helps avoid liability in the first place through practical, strategic guidance. When presented with a case, he is committed to providing an candid, straightforward assessment in order to ensure that his client understands the implications of moving forward. If a case is not worth pursuing, he will say so.

An integral part of Jack Wang Law Office is the client-lawyer relationship. Mr. Wang places great importance on cultivating trust-based partnerships with the people that he serves. From helping to ensure diligent adherence to the legal process to offering experience-backed support, Mr. Wang is dedicated to ushering his clients towards success.

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